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Do you structure your approach to managing your staff?

Do you feel that your staff know what to do and do so without constant supervision?

Do you approach recruitment and other tasks in a planned manner?

Do you need the professional approach of your own Personnel department, but are too small to support an HR manager?

At Accounting & General we can help you get the most from the team around you, as well as recruit the best team.

We can advise where you could best advertise and recruit for different types of staff. We can organise and participate in the formal recruitment of senior staff.

We also understand the dynamics of your leisure business, who does what and how it relates across departments. We can advise from experience how to structure your team for efficiency and guest service.

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Accounting & General can give you basic information on health and safety. We signpost to Mark Barlow, and Mike Nankervis ours associates, on matters of detail.

For businesses with five or more employees written h&s policies and procedures are required by law.


Health and Safety

With fifteen years experience of managing HR for leisure businesses, Gill Knight is well placed to advise your business on, effective recruitment, taking on of foreign staff, managing day to day issues as they arise and structuring appraisals and staff development.

Gill Knight

Guidance on Practical Issues

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