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“Sales are Vanity, Profit = Sanity, Cash is Reality”

Are you working hard, all hours possible, but there is never any money ‘in the bank’?

Perhaps your sales are not high enough, or perhaps your costs are too high? But you are not sure, and you don’t know what to do about it.

Our combination of skills in accountancy and experience in running leisure businesses means that we are well placed to help you.

An accountant has the ability to tell you for example that your sales are too low for your fixed costs, but is unlikely to have the intimate industry knowledge to advise you what to do.

Or that your restaurant or cafe food costs are higher than an industry average,  but not know the detail of systems and procedures that will enable you to act. Or have practical ideas for your menus and wine lists.

We will meet with you, discuss your business and analyse your figures. We will compare your achievements to our expectation, we will consider industry trends. We will advise if we are able to help.

Add together your own salary expectation, your fixed costs such as Business Rates, insurance, utility bills etc. Then take this away from the contribution of your sales.

If there is a shortfall you could -

1. Increase your selling prices.

2. Decrease your selling prices -     and hope to sell more.

3. Consider more advertising - but where?

4. Check eligibility for Business Rate reduction schemes.

5. Obtain competitive quotes for your insurance.

But these are not easy answers.

Perhaps as a hotel or holiday park you should advertise cheaper prices in the winter? Or you should encourage guests that have visited to come again? Or developed a website, or a pay per click campaign?

We can guide you calmly and clearly through the options, come out with a plan, and help you implement that plan.

With many years of operating businesses in the leisure industry we have knowledge and experience of using a wide range of suppliers.

We usually know ‘a man or lady who can’!

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We will visit your premises free of charge and without obligation for an initial discussion.

Phone us now on 01803-844425 - you have nothing to lose. But could continue losing if you don’t.

If you then wish to engage us for advice, our charges can be tailored to suit your requirements. We can offer a fixed quote for agreed outputs, an hourly or daily rate, or a fee dependent on results. We agree a fair deal for both parties.

We would like to become a long-term supporter of your business, completing your accounts or as your business mentor.


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“I have known Alan for several years now and was delighted when he agreed to manage the finances of the South West Tourism Excellence Awards.

Very good at the detail, but more importantly helps contribute to the strategic overview of the company.”

Alistair Handyside, chairman, South West Tourism Alliance