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We will review your purchases and procedures in a free consultation, to ascertain if you are purchasing effectively.

Call us now on 01803-844425 to arrange our visit.

Free Purchasing Consultation

You have negotiated deals with your suppliers and delegated ongoing purchasing to your staff.

Are they operating that task well?

We can provide you with systems and controls that ensure your staff are carrying out the effective purchasing that you require.

With food representing anything above a quarter of a restaurants costs, effective purchasing of food is vital.

With extensive south west knowledge we can ‘go to the market’ on your behalf.

An option is the engagement of our associates and procurement specialists PSL,. If appropriate we will recommend them to you.

Do you purchase ‘hand to mouth’ or from the ‘rep’ that has contacted you?

Do you have the time to research the market for the best purchasing option?

What would a 5% saving on food purchases mean to your profits?

With Accounting & General you can use our experience, industry contacts, time and structured approach to help your bottom line.

We can work with you to define your purchasing needs and quickly gather qualified suppliers to the table, for formal and fair quotations.

We operate to high ethical standards and will not orchestrate a ‘Dutch auction’. Similarly we will not compromise your quality standards in pursuit of a ‘cheap deal’.

We can be particularly effective in assisting purchasing for groups. Maybe your local tourism or trade association, with our assistance, could broker a local consortium?



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