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Classic humour from Monty Python shows you exactly what we are not like at Accounting & General.

We have run hospitality businesses, from Royal visits, to 48 hour power cuts on a remote island, to being one of a team that provided holidays for 450,000 all singing and dancing people in a year.

Now we are back at our roots, providing accountancy and taxation services, based on a platform of experience of the, shall we admit it ... more lively side of life.

This is our excuse to include a couple of Monty Python sketches on our website.

..... And now for something completely different .....

For the record. We do not work in a stuffy office, behind a front door grimed in urban dirt, with an aspidistra in the waiting room. (As you may find elsewhere at .... & Co.)

Our office is small, yes, but has all of the modern technology that accountants need. Top of the range ‘Digita’ powers our accountancy and taxation programmes. We hold a multi-user ‘Accountant Link’ Sage licence, but are also modern and in ‘the cloud’ with Liberty Accounts, used by our bookkeepers working for you in remote locations.  

We designed and maintain our own website, with up to date articles, newsletters and ‘tweets’.

Give us a call and lets have a chat. We must warn you though, Alan Knight is no lion tamer!

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