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Budgets are not just for the Chancellor, they are vital for you in running your business.

Think of them as a plan. Think where you are now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

Without a budget can you be sure you can pay the coming tax bill, or afford that luxury holiday you would like to book?

At Accounting & General we can work with you to devise a budget at a level of detail that will suit your needs, and one that you can understand, with a narrative to refer to.

The key then of course is that you have regular reports on how you are doing compared to budget, to see how you are doing and where you may go.

You have a great idea to expand your business, or you are looking to set up from scratch, but have no experience of drawing up a business plan to work to, or present to potential backers or partners.

At Accounting & General we can prepare these plans for you.

We can draw up financial forecasts and cash flows, to see if your business idea works. We can also prepare the accompanying narrative that will bring the figures alive.

You provide us with the information and we prepare the plan. Then we consult and discuss with you, and amend accordingly, to make sure what you want to do can be viable.

Good luck!

We offer an initial free consultation on your budgets and business plans. We will listen to what you propose and advise if we are able to add value.

From this not only may we be able to draw up your plans, we may also be able to advise on the commercial and practical aspects of your proposals.

Call us on 07708-451259 now to arrange your consultation meeting.

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