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Social Media for Leisure Businesses

Video and You Tube

Over 40 years of age and in business? You may well have shied away from using social media to promote what you do.

On the other hand registered users of Facebook, aged over 50 and in the UK, are counted in their millions.

So, you could be missing out. Particularly as leisure businesses are social products. Click here to create your Facebook page. Or start here for explanations and help before proceeding.

Facebook is particularly good at communicating with regular customers, letting them know of future events and happenings of interest. Then they can see how the event went, and possibly what they missed.

A Facebook fanbase needs to be developed over time. Make your customers aware of your site, and encourage them to sign up. Run a competition. For more ideas from an expert, click here.

You can also use your Facebook page like a diary. The modern version of Kit Chapman’s ‘Diary of an Innkeeper’.  Running a hospitality establishment is fun - keep people in the loop, they are interested.

Twitter is the slimmed down version of a diary - only 140 characters allowed - but you can then link to your website, or Facebook page. Click here for more about Twitter.

Tweet when you have something of value to say.    

The Internet has become much more than a static notice board, and that functionality is accessible to anyone.

A 4mb Flip Video camcorder presently costs under £80 from Amazon, and produces good results in the amateur league.

Your videos can be loaded to You Tube. Click here for more information.

As long as it is clear that your videos are for fun, not professionally produced, they can add value to your website. They even boost search engine optimisation.

Professional video is not out of reach for most businesses, and adds a classy look to your website.

Sam Joseph at Machine Media is a place to start.

SMS Text Messaging

Leisure businesses are very fortunate in that our intrusion into customers lives is usually welcomed.

Couple this with the fact that an empty room, or empty table can never be resold and the value of text messaging is easily apparent.

Make it a norm when gathering customer details to gather mobile phone numbers as well. Then if numbers are small manage your own  messages. Or as you get bigger, use a professional organisation. Click here to go to Text Marketer website and find out more.

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