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Small businesses do not need complex computer programmes with which to carry out their bookkeeping and produce accounts. If your annual turnover is below £100k, you are not Vat registered and you can keep all of your papers within two lever arch files, then a spreadsheet may be the best option for your business.

For bigger businesses, whilst an accounting system such as Sage or Liberty Accounts is essential to operate Vat, bank reconciliation, and control of creditors and debtors, this is not sufficient in hospitality businesses that need almost instant figures with which to monitor performance.

These businesses need a spreadsheet to support their main accounts.

We  provide ready made and tailorable spreadsheets  to you as a part of our accountancy and support service.

Please phone us to discuss your requirements.

A guest house may be small, but accounting for deposits is a key area, as is being able to split expenditure between business and personal use.

Click here to download your sample spreadsheet for evaluation.

Accounts for inns, pubs and hotels are a specialist area.

It is important in a fast moving, multi-faceted and people based environment that records are maintained weekly, if not daily.

Our spreadsheets, specifically designed for inns, pubs and hotels assist  control of sales, gross margins and payroll percentages.

Click here to download your sample spreadsheet for evaluation.

Sole traders selling services need only a simple spreadsheet to monitor their cash and profitability on a monthly basis.

Our spreadsheet is built on the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid).

Click here to download your evaluation copy of our micro-business spreadsheet.

 Accounts for Guest Houses

Using Spreadsheets in Bookkeeping and Accounts

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