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Create your own Website


When designing your website a check must be done to see that the domain name (www.’name’.co.uk/com etc) is available. The 123-reg website has a simple facility to ascertain this, and allows you to purchase your name.

Worth mentioning here, the way the site is constructed and copy written, will be important for users to find the site. Before doing any design you should make sure you understand Search Engine Optimisation. Click here for more.

Once a site has been created it needs to be published to the Internet. This can be done through Serif, but the Accounting & General site is published through 123-reg. Cheap and effective.

The Accounting & General website was created from scratch, by a person with no prior experience, at a cost of less than £60.

 The website creation programme used is sold by Serif and called Web Plus x4.

The programme features a battery of pre-made skeleton sites that can be tailored to suit, or like this site, it is possible to start with a blank canvas.

Pre-planning of site structure is required - drawing a tree of root and branches of the intended pages.

Then an overall, and or page specific design is applied to written copy to create each page.

The requirements are:

  1. Time
  2. A logical mind
  3. An eye for the design layout and colour scheme.

Looking at other sites beforehand and picking the features that are required is a good foundation on which to apply your own ideas.

Click on the image below to go to the Serif website and find out more.

Creating a great website is half of the battle, then the world needs to know that is is there.

In order for Google to find the site it must be registered with Google. Create a Google account and follow the instructions.

No registration is required for other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

Follow this link to find out more about Search Engine Optimisation and writing good copy, and also about paid for ‘Pay per Click’ advertising.

Make sure that your domain name is now quoted on all published documents of your business - letterheads, brochures, magazine adverts, posters etc. Internet and non-Internet mediums work together.


In the same way that you should have a file of customer names and addresses and a programme of writing them, the Internet is no different.

You should have an email communication plan. Content relates to what you want to sell, with sufficient ‘call to action’.

Professional email templates are available to structure your email design. A popular and effective option is Mail Chimp.

Social Media - the ‘Brave New World’

A website and email are basics of 2011. Use of social media, as portrayed by Facebook and Twitter, supported by blogs and sms text messaging is increasingly prevalent. Wet led pubs and nightclubs that may have been in the vanguard of web development can find a place at the front of the adopters of social media. All but the smallest of guest houses neglect social media at their peril.

Click here to find out more.

Accounting & General use High Impact 5. Click on the image to go to their website and find out more.  

image: WebPlus X4 from Serif

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